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elo was formed with a vision to create digital products that enhance and reshape how technology is embedded into the businesses we work with. We strive to streamline your growth by using the latest innovations available today.


We follow a 5-step standardized procedure whenever a new product is to be developed.


Requirement Analysis We start off with an in-depth analysis about the business challenges to be solved, as well as any other connected processes. This is done to ensure that the most optimum solution is identified.


Wireframe & Design Creation of interface sketches and visual designs to show how the platform/application will function and look. The solution at hand is locked in for development once these are approved.


Development Development carried out through multiple sprints and releases, including first-level testing. Each release will contain a set of targeted features that can be independently used or tested.


UAT & Final Fixes Testing carried out by real end-users to identify any missing links or issues within critical paths, followed by final fixes or changes required.


Go Live! Live deployment of developed tools for intended use of the final product, followed by timely maintenance as required.


Powerful web-based online solutions that have the capability to perform highly complex tasks, taking advantage of cloud computing technology.


Can consist of a seamless combination of web, mobile and desktop solutions to effectively answer the specific needs of a company.


Online and offline based smartphone programs that can offer compact, intuitive solutions. Perfect for a user base that is always on-the-go.

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