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Build modern web, mobile, & cloud applications for businesses

We specializes in end-to-end consultancy, design, and software development services for your business’ digital needs.

Web application and mobile app with modern UI


Our service workflow

We believe in agile

Consultancy & Business Analysis​

Our consultants at Elo aim to craft custom-tailored digital solutions for your business challenges through constant stakeholder collaboration and industry research.

For each project, we define clear user stories and feature backlogs to provide a holistic, yet compact, overview of any solutions to be developed.

Elo consultant team and clients collaborating to build software solutions
Designers and UI/UX Engineers working to craft intuitive and modern designs

Design Solutions

We design UIs, user experiences, and visuals that maintain international best practices and are always fine-tuned to your own brand. 

Our design process at ELO includes delivering holistic design systems, wireframes, and clickable prototypes with constant collaboration with customers.

Web & Mobile App Development

Our development journey always begins with customer-approved release plans that define the different phases of development, testing, and launch.

ELO strictly follow agile methodologies across all our teams for development and maintenance phases.

Developers making software solutions using the latest technologies


Got Questions?

If you have an idea for a project, we’re excited to hear about it!

Get in touch by emailing us at info@elobyte.com or using the contact form below. Our team will get in touch with you to further discuss more details about your product.

Yes, we have multiple pre-built solutions for businesses that can be customized for your needs.

We understand the importance of having tried-and-tested resources at hand to provide your business with a reliable foundation. Our team uses a modular approach to development, ensuring that our work and experiences can be transferred across different projects.

We do offer design services separately from development. We provide dedicated UI/UX design services to craft engaging and intuitive user experiences.

Additionally, we offer general design and branding services through industry leading partners. Whether you require design solutions for web, mobile, or marketing, our team is equipped to deliver.

We maintain strict adherence to global security standards during coding, development, and deployment processes.

We leverage leading services such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, which provide robust security measures. Additionally, we follow GDPR compliance policies where required, ensuring that your data and information are handled in accordance with applicable regulations. 

We implement comprehensive security protocols, employ encryption techniques, and regularly update our systems to mitigate potential risks. Your project’s security and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us, and we take every measure to protect them.

We price based on your needs and what’s best for your scale of business.

For enterprise businesses seeking highly specialized solutions, we prioritize optimum performance, security, and scalability. These solutions generally utilize global renowned cloud services and the latest frameworks to craft the best solution possible.

For startups with a tight budget looking to gain initial traction, we provide a template-based approach. This comes with lower costs and quicker implementation, but with slightly lower flexibility and scalability. 

To us, continuous collaboration with stakeholders lies at the heart of building a successful product.

For most customers, we schedule routine video calls with the project management platforms to maintain synergy throughout the development lifecycle. Our goal is to maintain open lines of communication, gather feedback, and address any questions promptly.

For clients in Europe and North America, we schedule meetings at mutually convenient times.

While we work with a very versatile range of languages and frameworks, our most frequently used technologies include NodeJS, Python, C++, React, Angular, Flutter, Ionic, and AWS.

Our favored CMS for small-scale projects are WordPress and Shopify.

We have extensive experience working with diverse industries including AI, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, RMG, Trading Businesses, Vehicle Tracking, Music & Audio, File Storage, Development Sector (NGO), Crypto, NFTs, and eCommerce. 

Our team has developed solutions for each of the industries mentioned above. Business challenges, operations, and solutions differ greatly between different sectors – it’s a part of our code to know the processes in-depth before we dive into the drawing board. Our experience allows us to ensure positive impact through our solutions.

Thinking about architecture?
We're stacked.

Thinking about architecture?
We're stacked.

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